Chicken Specialities

53. Chicken Jalfrezi (a hot chicken curry with green chillies, peppers, onions & tomatoes) 220

54. Chicken Madras (relatively hot, red hued with paprika and turmeric, with large amounts
of chilli powder, a curry from the southern Indian city of the same name) 220

55. Chicken Curry (chicken chunks in a thin curry sauce mixed with Indian spices) 210

56. Chicken Masala (chicken chunks in a thick gravy sauce seasoned with Indian spices) 220

57. Chicken Korma (a creamy more mild curry with stock, cream and yoghurt) 260

58. Chicken Karahi (chicken cooked in a ‘karahi’ wok with capsicum and Indian spices) 220

59. Chicken Saag (cooked with blended mustard leaves with cream and butter) 250

60. Chicken Tikka Masala (a British favourite, chicken chunks marinated in batter then
barbequed, then mixed with a mild curry sauce and cream) 280

61. Chicken Ginger (cooked with thinly sliced pieces of ginger) 230

62. Chicken Vindaloo (Portuguese origin dish that can be prepared in various ways, more
usually a spicy potato and chicken curry) 280

63. Chicken Do Pyaaza (chicken chunks cooked with onion and tomatoes) 260

64. Butter Chicken (chicken chunks in a tomato-based sauce, simmered in cream & butter) 260

65. Chicken Bhuna (stir-fried chicken garnished with coriander and lemon) 240

66. Chicken Patiala (Punjabi dish from the city of Patiala – chicken chunks mixed with
Indian spices, covered with an omelette) 280

67. Chicken Methi Malai (chicken cooked with ‘methi’ fenugreek in a thick creamy curry) 280

68. Chicken Balti (British origin dish, a thick chicken curry topped with boiled eggs,
served in a ‘balti’ bucket) 250

69. Chicken Methi Malai Mutter (chicken cubes in a thick mild and sweet curry, fused with
cream and fenugreek, resulting in a korma style curry) 280