Lamb Specialities

70. Lamb Curry (lamb chunks in a thin curry sauce mixed with Indian spices) 240

71. Lamb Masala (lamb chunks in a thick gravy sauce seasoned with Indian spices) 250

72. Lamb Korma (a creamy more mild curry with tender lamb pieces
in a rich creamy sauce with yoghurt) 280

73. Lamb Karahi (spicy lamb pieces cooked in a ‘karahi’ wok with tomatoes and onions) 250

74. Lamb Do Pyaaza (spicy lamb dish cooked with onion coriander and tomatoes) 250

75. Lamb Vindaloo (tender lamb chunks cooked with ‘aloo’ potatoes and lots of spices) 280

76. Keema Mutter (minced meat cooked with green peas, garnished with coriander
and lemon) 260

77. Lamb Rogan Josh (Kashmiri dish – josh means ‘intensity’ or ‘heat’ – and rogan meaning
red in colour, tender lamb pieces cooked with red chillies and tomatoes) 250

78. Lamb Madras (hot and slightly spicy, lamb pieces cooked with chilli and tomato,
a curry from the southern Indian city of the same name) 260

79. Lamb Saag (lamb chunks and Indian spices added to a blended spinach and mustard
paste) 280

80. Lamb Jalfrezi (a thick curry of lamb chunks with peppers, onions and tomatoes) 260

81. Lamb Bhuna (a thick hot curry of lamb chunks with peppers, onions and tomatoes) 260

82. Nalli Nihari – Pre-order (Nalli is the bone marrow added along with the lamb shank and an
array of spices and simmered slowly, a legendary delicacy) 650

83. Lamb Champ Masala (Lamb chops added to an Indian-style curry, and simmered) 510